About Us

Hi, I am Taimoor Saddique! the founder of “uprightcodes.com”. I am a self taught full stack web developer and I have been developing websites for four years now. I like solving problems and sharing solutions with others. Know more about us through our articles

As a self taught developer I had a hard time learning. Sometimes it was due to the wrong guidance and sometimes it was due to wrong information. So, I understand the pain beginners have to go through while learning programming. My aim is to provide knowledge to others and help others out by sharing my experience through articles.

Purpose of Upright Codes

Upright Codes is a platform where you can learn about new trends of web and you can boost your skills to become a better developer. On this websites you can find tutorials on making trendy stuff, or, you can find solutions to modern problems with explanation. This website will focus on technologies such as web development (frontend and backend) and Data Structures and Algorithms. You will also find information about coding competitions as they are trending and fun.

This is all about us for now but we will be updating our area of expertise so, everyone can benefit from this website.

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